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How to get your credit report through Credit Karma

If you do not want to go through the hassle of contacting all of the credit rating bureaus to get your own credit report, there is an easier way to do it. Ask Credit Karma to do it for you.

What is Credit Karma? -- Credit Karma is an online agency that, with your permission, accesses your credit rating information from every credit rating bureau. They then present that information to you in an easy to understand format.

Why use Credit Karma? -- It can be frustrating and time consuming going through all the steps each credit rating bureau requires so that you can get access to your own personal information. Credit Karma makes it easy.

They contact Equifax, TransUnion and Experian and get that information for you. They do all this at no charge to you, as the companies themselves are charged for the work Credit Karma does.

What type of information will you receive? -- The information you get is the exact information you would get if you contact the three bureaus yourself. The only difference is that it arrives in your email much quicker than it normally would.

You will be able to find out if payments have posted, if payments are late or if payments never arrived at all.

You will be told if you have any leans or bankruptcies on your credit rating report, as well as any other bad debts you did not know about.

You will be able to see what kind of credit rating you have, and get an idea of how you can improve it.

How to get your reports through Credit Karma -- Follow the step by step details outlined on the website so that you can be sure you are getting access to your own information. Once you have completed everything they require, you will have access to all your credit reports in just a few hours. Visit this site to know more.



The website Credit Karma is an online credit reporting website that gives you access to your credit score from credit evaluating companies like Experian and Transunion credit collecting and determining companies. The credit score that you have as a consumer is used by loan accepting agencies to agree or to disagree with your loan application. Getting your credit scores from Credit Karma is a first step in figuring out if you will qualify for a loan. Since Credit Karma has access to major credit reporting agencies, the user will have a one step approach at finding out which credit reporting agency has a higher score on his credit or in finding out which credit reporting company he will have to work with to clear up his credit.

Getting your scores is the first step in deciding if your application for a loan will be accepted

Once you know who has a derogatory credit report on you, you can go to their website and request the report that is influencing your credit score. Then, you can deal with the company that sent the poor credit status on you and work to get your credit score back to what it was before the negative report was filed on you. Credit Karma accesses credit reporting agencies files to get your credit scores. These credit reporting agencies collect negative reports from companies who have had a bad experience with a creditor and want to stop that creditor from getting credit again. At you can go to one website for all your credit scores instead of visiting all credit reporting agencies to get your scores. It is a time saving website. 

More people are using Credit Karma to check their credit scores. Credit Karma is a free resource that you can use in order to check your credit. There are many ways that you can benefit from taking advantage of this free resource.

Why Should I Stay On Top Of My Credit Score?

Increase Your Chances Of Getting A Mortgage

If you want to be a homeowner one day, then you should definitely consider checking your credit score. Your credit score is one of the factors that will be used to determine whether or not you will be approved. The credit score also affects the interest rate you will be paying on your mortgage.

Keep in mind that your credit score can also affect your chances of getting a loan or credit card.

Make Sure You Are Not A Victim Of Identity Theft

Identity theft is a common crime. The Internet increases your chances of being a victim of identity theft. Many people do not know that they are a victim of identity theft until years after the crime has occurred. One of the ways that you can know if you are a victim of identity theft is by checking your credit report.

If you see accounts on your credit report that you do not remember opening, then your identity has probably been stolen. This is something that you should report to the Federal Trade Commission and credit bureaus as soon as possible.

Job Security

In many states, it is legal for employers to check your credit report. This may have an impact on the hiring decision. Therefore, your credit report can hurt or help you during the job hunting process.

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When it comes to taking care of yourself, you should be aware of all aspects of your life that could face damage. Not only do you need to take care of your mind, body, & environment, but your credit score as well! Here is some helpful info for you to think about when it comes to keeping track of your credit score.

I know you have heard and seen the commercials but what do you really know when it comes to 'Credit Karma'? When it comes to using 'Credit Karma', you will have access to not only your personal accounts, but also make sure that any and all payments have been properly credited and reported by many major bureaus. You will also be able to see if there are any liens that may have been made in your name. You never know if someone else is trying to be you but in a negative manner!

Keeping track of your credit doesn't always mean that you have negative balances, it could also mean that you want to make sure your identity and credit are safe from frauds. Some other options that you can make in order to safely and effectively protect yourself include but are not limited to the following options. You may want to consider buying a paper shredder to shred not only bank statements and bills that may come in the mail, but also credit card applications that you may think are harmless but others view as opportunity. You could also check your score regularly as well as elect to be put out of those pesky credit card offers I just mentioned.

Lastly, 'Credit Karma' offers their services free in order to help keep you on track. Consider making a few changes that could keep you safe! Visit for more information.

Why Credit Karma?

The Credit Karma site is FREE. It is secure and offers registered users a plethora of credit information, advice, and recommendations. In addition, users also get their free credit score from not one, but two credit reporting agencies - Transunion and Equifax. Who doesn't love free?

How Can Credit Karma Help?

Once registered, users input information that assists the site with their recommendations. The more information a user provides, the more accurate the site’s assistance. Based on information gathered from a user's credit report, Credit Karma offers advice on increasing scores, steps to take in order to lower debt to income ratios, and possible credit card matches.

Users also receive help tracking their spending and given factors that influence credit scores. A credit score simulator gives scenarios that help determine how credit scores increase or decrease based on what changes a user makes in their financial life. The model used for the simulator is the VantageScore 3.0, like the one used to determine users' actual score and displayed on Credit Karma's site.

What Else Do They Offer?

Credit Karma has a section with simple tools that can help calculate things like:

- Home Affordability (How much home a user can afford and the estimated monthly payment.)
- Debt Repayment (How long it will take to pay off existing credit card debt.)
- Loans based on interest rates and terms, how much the approximate payments for different types of loans will be.)
- Amortization - (It shows the breakdown of interest and principal paid over the life of loan.)

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